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The Process

By having a Certified Public Accountant that understands your unique tax needs, you may take advantage of the many IRS rules and regulations that can save you money.  Our process is designed to save you time as well by providing you with the tools you need to easily gather your tax information, and ship it to us hassle-free.

To get started all you need to do is:

1) Free Consultation - Contact Susannah via telephone toll free at 877.626.8299 for a free consultation. We will discuss your tax needs to ensure that our services will completely fulfill your needs and expectations.

2) Engagement and Tax Package - We will promptly mail you a Tax Package, which includes an Engagement and Fee Agreement as well as a complete Tax Organizer.  You may also download these files after our initial consultation.

3) Ship your Tax Documents - The Tax Package includes a FedEx Shipping Pak and a pre-printed airbill to eliminate any hassle in shipping your completed Tax Organizer and related documents to us.  Of course, you may use any shipping method convenient to you. Or, you may drop off your documents to our office in Grapevine, TX. 

4) Tax Preparation – Upon receipt of your tax documents, Susannah will begin your tax preparation, and contact you with any questions.  Upon completion of your return, Susannah will contact you to discuss a summary of your return.  At this time you will receive your final invoice and payment is due.  Returns are generally completed in about two to three weeks after we receive all of your tax documents.

5) The Final Product – Your tax return will be e-filed with the IRS and state(s). Your completed tax return copies will be sent to you via FedEx, after receiving payment for services. Included in this FedEx package will be a special client analysis report showing your key stats and figures.  In addition, you will receive an electronic version of your tax return on a memory stick, as well as online access to your tax return through a client portal. All original tax documents used to prepare the tax return will be returned to you.

Most important is:

The Relationship – We will develop a lasting business relationship based on integrity, honesty and premier client service. Susannah will be your trusted CPA advisor, and personally perform all tax services that you may require.

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