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  • Soar

    Soar above obstacles through
    proper tax and financial planning to
    get the most altitude out of your
    income and investments.

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    Imagine possibilities for maximizing
    your family income and tax savings to
    help reach your goals.

  • Details

    Trust a CPA to analyze the
    details behind the hundreds of tax law
    changes each year.

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    Relax knowing an experienced CPA is
    handling your tax matters, as time
    home with your family is precious.

Welcome to Susannah W. Walsh, CPA, PLLC.

Welcome to Susannah W. Walsh, CPA, PLLC, a comprehensive tax and accounting service for professionals and their business endeavors. All services are provided by Susannah W. Walsh, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a Masters in Professional Accounting from a top-ranked business school and 25 years of experience in public accounting.  

Here, you will find more than just a tax service. You will find a trusted CPA advisor to take into account your individual tax situation to discover opportunities and plan for the future. We focus effort on providing premier client service. This is in contrast to accounting firms and tax preparation services that focus on volume preparing thousands of tax returns a year, employing different individuals from year to year. Often these services use temporary employees to prepare your data, only consulting a CPA for a final review of your return.

Your unique tax situation will be evaluated for possible deductions to help you minimize your tax liability, and maximize value to you and your family. Whether you have a question, significant life event or are in need of yearly tax planning, we are available for you - year round.